Meet Amy Kaufman Relihan,
Founder of Time Together Travel

fountains that gurgled outside our window, to the ancient stone fireplace and gauzy canopy that enrobed our bed, our suite was like something straight out of a fairytale.

When you plan travel professionally, you rack up incredible travel memories pretty quickly.


But there’s one getaway that stands out from the rest—and that illustrates what I aim to achieve for my own clients.


When my husband Tim and I first started dating, time was more than scarce. We both had kids from previous marriages and break-neck-paced corporate careers. But we still managed to sneak away now and then!


Not long before we tied the knot, we “snuck away” to a 15th-century chateau in the heart of France’s champagne country. From the moat and 



After another perfect yet long day of touring the region’s famous champagne houses (including Dom Perignon!), there was nothing I wanted more than to climb into that big bed and fall fast asleep.


I awoke the next morning to sunlight streaming through the open window and birdsong carried in with the breeze. At the foot of the bed were two chairs—my husband was perched in one, his slippered feet kicked up on the table, a delicate teacup full of coffee in his hand.


When he noticed me blinking my eyes open, he smiled and said, simply, “good morning.” It was the most sublime moment, one I’ll never forget.


Yes, the champagne tours and tastings were exquisite. Yes, strolling the sprawling chateau grounds made us feel like royalty.


But it was that little moment—waking up to my partner smiling back at me, without the alarms going off, the kids tugging at the door, or a even a hint of stress in his face—that truly made this vacation.

My goal with Time Together Travel is to fill my clients’ vacations with moments like this—both big and small. Like my husband and I, many of my clients have spent their whole lives always on the go, attending to others. I yearn to give you and your partner the chance to reconnect and attend to each other some place magical, whether that’s at a centuries-old chateau or a rustic-chic overwater island bungalow.



My exclusive connections, personal service, and extensive travel experience combine to produce thoughtfully crafted itineraries that allow you to explore and discover, together. Above all else, though, my job is to provide an exhilarating, exquisite backdrop to your trip’s most important discovery—re-discovering what made you fall in love in the first place.

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"Scott and I just returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii and couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! We were able to relax, eat amazing food and drink right by the ocean. Our hotels were beyond what we were expecting. One of them even had sea turtles that they were rehabilitating. We enjoyed each others company and got to experience new things like The Road to Hana. We both highly recommend Amy to plan your next getaway. She'll even surprise you with a few things to make you feel special! Aloha"

-Micaela F.


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