I am so glad you are here. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and my Travel Design Firm. I look forward to being of service and to designing your ultimate journey! 

How many times have you said: "Someday I will visit _____". (fill in the blank with one of your dream destinations)I became a Travel Designer to show people the world, help couples stay connected and passionate for both life and each other. After my first marriage ended, I did some soul searching on what caused the dissolution of the partnership. In retrospect, it was an absolute disconnection from each other, we were totally focused on our careers, children, house, buying stuff, paying bills and so on and so on (sound familiar?). We never took the time to care for our marriage. Like a plant without the proper care, our marriage died. I am now happily remarried, with a renewed outlook on marriage and partnerships. I now understand that I must take the time to nurture, care for, feed and preserve my most precious asset; my relationship with my husband. The best part of it all? He gets it too!! When our relationship became serious, we both committed to taking a minimum of 2 indulgent, romantic vacations per year. Just us, this is our time to stay focused on each other, reconnect, reignite and refresh without any other distractions. AND we get to feed our desire for travel and to see the world….together.

That’s why I named my Travel Design Firm, Time Together Travel, LLC. Every couple needs, and deserves, time alone to spend together and indulge in what the world has to offer. The time has come to act on your "someday"!

My firm is completely dedicated and committed to serving you and designing individualized, unique itineraries based on your requirements so that you can take the time to reconnect and reignite with your partner. Whether we are designing your dream wedding, vow renewals, honeymoon, babymoon, romantic escape or an extended journey, the travel choices are endless. I will remove the stress of booking your own vacation, so that you can travel to all your dream destinations with confidence. I will take care of every detail, creating a seamless travel experience. I will be here for you from the planning stage to arriving home and beyond.

I have incredible resources and experience that provide me the ability to design your journey anywhere in the world in any fashion you need. The time has come to get you out there to explore and experience all your dream destinations and travel desires.

I look forward to speaking with you to design your Time Together. Please reserve your Travel Design Session today.

Thank you so much, I am really looking forward to getting to know both you and your travel companion!!!

All My Very Best,


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