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So, you are one of the lucky ones! You have 2-weeks, or more, to spend on your romantic escape. That is awesome! So much of the world just opened up to you. So many exotic and far away destinations can be enjoyed when you have the luxury of time. If you are not sure where to go and how long it will take you, here is a list of magnificent, drool worthy destinations. These magical places are only worth going to if you can spend 2-weeks enjoying the journey and the location. These far away lands can be reached within 2-days of travel and have a significant time difference (10 or more hours). So, you see, the travel and time difference alone will require you to spend more time 'on location' in order to thoroughly enjoy the location, culture and each other. Half the fun of visiting these fantastic locations is getting there. Filled with excitement and anticipation, the flights go quickly and are very enjoyable, especially when you fly Business Class or better.

Exotic Destinations Where You Can Spend 2-Weeks (or more):

  • Southeast Asia

  • Cambodia

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Bali

  • The Maldives

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Cook Islands

  • Fiji

  • The Society Islands

  • Seychelles

  • Borneo

  • Madagascar

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Hawaii

  • Africa

  • Antarctica

  • Nepal

  • Petra

And so many more! This is just a short list of all the exotic locations you can visit if you are lucky enough to have 2 or more weeks of vacation to visit these exotic, far away lands! What are you waiting for???? Let's get you and your traveling companion out there to explore and experience the world!!!!!

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