10 Tips For Traveling As A Couple

You are on your way to a great new journey with your life partner! Well done! Traveling together will create lifelong memories and an incredible bond.

As with any new adventure and spending time together, regardless of how often you see each other, can create a few tense moments. How you handle them is essential to ensure the rest of your journey is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Here are 10-simple tips to help you have the absolute best time of your lives!!!!

1. Be Organized

Plan every detail of your trip (use a Travel Advisor). Planning all the details before the vacation will eliminate any unnecessary problems throughout your journey. This will allow you the time to relax and enjoy your adventures knowing that all the details are taken care of.

2. Communicate Openly

During the planning stages, communicate openly with each other about what you want and need from your vacation. It is important that each of you listen and accept these requests.

3. Separate Responsibilities

For example; When my husband and I travel, he drives and I am the navigator. Because this is what we are good at. We never argue about it, I already have the addresses for the GPS and a file with all the information needed for our next stop. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and use them! Who is better at packing? Who is a better driver? Who is more organized? Work it out before you go.

4. Plan what you will spend

Know before you go, how much you will spend while you are traveling and plan for extra. There may be an excursion or something extra you want to experience. My husband and I always have our “couple money” and our individual funds. That way we can spend our own money without having to worry about dipping into our couple fund if there is something we want for ourselves.

5. It’s okay to be alone

Plan for time alone. I love to go to a spa, my husband loves museums. I love to shop, my husband likes to look at monuments. Always build time into your itinerary for separate adventures. Planning this time will allow each of you to get the most out of your vacation, without boring the other.

6. Be Free

Let yourselves do whatever you want! This is YOUR time. Take advantage of this adventure. Sleep in, take SCUBA diving lessons, take an ATV for a spin through a rain forest or just do nothing. You get to decide how you want to spend your time.

7. Be Honest

Tell each other the truth. If there is something you would rather do, discuss it. It may be a compromise but keep the lines of honest communication open. Sharing new experiences together creates lasting memories for you both. Memories only you can share.

8. Leave Problems where they happen

If there is a travel problem; missed connection, cancelled flight etc…handle the situation and move on. Don’t linger on the problem and don’t carry it around with you like extra baggage. And leave that story where it happened. Once the problem is solved, move on and live in the moment. Know that travel hiccups happen and how you handle them is what matters.

9. Plan Romantic Moments

During the planning stages ensure that you plan romantic moments throughout your journey. Dinner for 2 on the beach, a gondola ride through Venice, suite in a castle with room service and champagne. This will punctuate your trip and Time Together with truly romantic memories, which is why you took this time in the first place.


Leave all your worries and demands behind. It is time to relax and enjoy this incredible and miraculous world and all it has to offer. Make every moment count, enjoy the journey and each other!!!


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