First, I want to make clear that I am NOT a seller of insurance, nor am I an insurance agent. My role as your Travel Professional is to provide the documentation necessary for the client to make an educated decision. I also provide contact information for insurance agents, if requested. For every journey I plan, I will always recommend my clients purchase Travel Insurance through my incredible insurance suppliers, especially if they are traveling out of the country. Inevitably they ask “Why?” “We have health insurance, and nothing will stop us from making this trip!” I hear this statement from every new client, which always leads me to tell them about two couples for whom I booked travel; one couple who did not purchase the travel insurance (Couple 1) and the other couple who did (Couple 2).

Couple 1: 10 Day Honeymoon in Punta Cana Luxury All-Inclusive

(no travel insurance purchased)

The Bride fell on the pool deck on Day 2

All medical expenses had to be paid upfront, cash and/or credit card.

  • Ambulance to hospital: $2500

  • Hospital Care: $10,000

  • Change flights: $2000

  • Loss of Vacation Package: $8600

Total Cost: $23,100

Travel Insurance would have cost $400, and would have covered everything.

Couple 2: 14 Day Luxury Caribbean Cruise

(travel insurance purchased for $386)

  • Flight Cancelled due to Blizzard on the East Coast: 100% refunded

  • Hotel Cancelled at Departure Port: 100% refunded

  • Missed Cruise from San Juan: 100% refunded

Total Cost: $0

Clients took refund money and went to Mexico Luxury All-Inclusive 2 days later

A few things to understand; the cost of Travel Insurance is based on many factors and varies from trip to trip. All of this is explained through the documents provided by the insurance carrier. Most US insurance companies do not cover you outside of the USA. Refer to page 6 of your passport. The government of Ecuador including the Galapagos just announced that in order to travel to their country, you must show proof of health and insurance coverage. As the saying goes…”the cheapest thing you can buy is insurance.”

There are many different policies and coverages available. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why I think all travelers should have Travel Insurance. This list is not all-inclusive, just a few things that can go wrong during your travel.

10 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

  1. Trip Cancellation

  2. Missed Connection

  3. Flights are Cancelled

  4. Weather Damage at Your Destination (think of the 2017 hurricane season)

  5. You Get Injured or Sick

  6. Baggage Delay or Loss

  7. Items are Damaged or Lost

  8. Passport is Lost

  9. You Need an Emergency Evacuation

  10. You Need Emergency Assistance Services

Again, these are just a few of things that may be covered with Travel Insurance. Please take it under very serious consideration when offered. Travel is very exciting and glamorous...until it’s not. Put all your concerns away when you travel knowing that you and your travel companion are covered in case of an emergency. When you purchase Travel Insurance, you will be relaxed and ready to enjoy your Time Together!!!

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