Normandy is a great place to visit almost any time of year. With beaches and country side, steeped in history, this beautiful and lush region of France should be a must see on everyone's travel bucket list.

Top 10 Must See Sites in Normandy

1. Mont St-Michel

An ancient island monastery off the cost of Normandy. One of the most iconic sites in France. This village and abbey are located in a tidal flat on a rock outcrop.

2. American Cemetery and Memorial

Located in Colleville-sur-Mer on 170 acres of American land given to The United States from France so that American soldiers could be buried on American soil.

3. Monet's Gardens

Located in Givery, these gardens were used as Monet's muse for many of pieces of art. Stunningly beautiful, you will recognize many of the places from his artwork.

4. Village of Rouen

Visit the beautiful Gothic Cathedral and the site where Joan of Arc was tried for heresy and where she met her demise. Rouen was also a source of inspiration for Monet, the cathedral was used for many of his pieces.

5. D-Day Landing Beaches

Visit the 5 beaches where the Allied Forces, American, British and Canadian, landed on June 6, 1944.

6. Casemates and Pill Boxes

Tour the remaining casemates and pill boxes used by Nazi Germany to defend the French coast.

7. Old Port in Honfleur

Full of colorful buildings and Norman style wooden homes along the coast. Honfleur is full of culture and history, and is a favorite get away spot for Parisians.

8. Bayeux Tapestry Museum

Bayeux is one of the first cities to be liberated after the D-Day landing. Escaping much of the destruction from WWII. Visiting the Tapestry Museum you will see a 230-foot long tapestry detailing the events leading up to the Norman invasion in 1066.

9. Pointe du Hoc

On D-Day, The United States Ranger Assault Group assaulted and captured the highest point of the Normandy coast which stands 100 feet above the English Channel. When you visit you will be amazed by the battle that took place here and the fortitude it must have taken for the Rangers to capture it.

10. Caen Churches and Memorial Center

Although much of Caen was destroyed during the landing on D-Day, the churches were not destroyed. Caen is now home to a Memorial Center and Museum telling the history behind WWII and the D-Day landing.

2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landing by The Allied Forces. This will be celebrated throughout the month of June. You will enjoy dancing, fireworks, reenactments and much, much more. It is an incredible celebration to be a part of. But don't delay, book your Complimentary Travel Consultation today so that we may begin to design your perfect historical escape to Normandy, France!

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