Magical Train Travel

Is traveling by train a 'travel fit' for you? There are beautiful and magnificent destinations to see and visit that you can only reach via train. Train travel creates feelings of nostalgia and romance as you travel through breath taking vistas and awe inspiring scenery. I am often asked about train travel, with inquiries about where you can take the train and how to use train travel as part of a tour. I hope you find this list helpful in determining whether or not train travel in a 'travel fit' for you.

See the best of America via scenic train tours:

*National Parks


*Autumn Leaf Peeping

*Coast to Coast

*Train & Cruise Tours

*Independent & Escorted Tours

Visit the best of Canada:

*Coast to Coast

*Rocky Mountains

*French Canada

*Rail & Drive Tours

*Rail & Cruise Tours

*Independent & Escorted Tours

Huge selection of train travel throughout Europe:

*Independent Tours

*Locally Hosted Tours

*Escorted Tours

*Multi-Country Tours

*Rail & River Cruise Tours

Off the beaten path rail adventures:








*And Many, Many More

Train travel will provide you with a leisurely way to visit your dream destinations. Designing your dream vacation through magical countries using train travel as part, or the entire vacation, is an ideal way to see a destination. With stops along the way in ancient towns and villages, meeting beautiful people and really enjoying a country from the inside, this is truly a journey you will never forget!!!

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