Top 10 Destinations For 1 Week Vacations

Welcome to 2019!!! A new year full of possibilities for new adventures, commitment to relationships and work/life balance. I am a HUGE proponent of ensuring everyone takes all their earned vacation days every year. This is a benefit supplied to you from your employer, a benefit that you have earned and deserve. You owe it to yourself and your loved one to plan and take vacations that inspire you to reconnect and rekindle your love affair. Is making time to strengthen your relationship one of your New Year resolutions? But only have 1-week available to make that happen? Here is a great list of the Top 10 Destinations you can enjoy if you only have 1-week and live on the east coast.

1. Any Caribbean Island

2. Mexico

3. Ireland

4. United Kingdom

5. France

6. Germany

7. Austria

8. Iceland

9. Norway

10. Italy

Even for you newly weds looking for a memorable, magical honeymoon that meets all your dreams and desires, you don't need to travel too far to meet your requests. When you are looking to take a vacation but only have a limited amount of days, you do not want to spend your precious vacation days traveling. Where you go will be determined by the kind of experience you want to have, the activities you want to enjoy and the expectations you have. Do not allow time to be an excuse for taking that much needed vacation that you have earned. This is precious time to spend with your love rekindling and reigniting your passion for both life and each other. Make 2019 the year you take ALL your vacation days AND strengthen the bond with your love.

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