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There have been many sad and scary stories in the news lately about people who have been hurt or taken advantage of during their vacations. Being nervous and/or afraid about traveling abroad is healthy and normal. Especially if you are going to a new destination that you are not entirely comfortable with. Never let your fear stand in the way of you realizing your dreams and travel destinations. Educating & preparing yourself is the key to ensuring that you are safe and confident to travel to any destination that is on your travel bucket list!!!!!

Here are a few tips that will create the travel confidence you need to enjoy your next vacation.

  • Use a trusted Travel Advisor! Travel Advisors use only trusted suppliers and partners that create great experiences for their clients. Travel Advisors travel all over the world. They know the ins and outs of destinations, are aware of safety concerns and have first hand knowledge of any travel warnings and alerts.

  • Do your own research! Learn all you can about a destination and ask questions of your Travel Advisor. They are your #1 resource.

  • Buy Travel Insurance!!!! Understand your policy and what it covers. Without it, you will be left on your own to handle medical and emergency situations.

  • Leave your expensive jewelry and belongings at home! DO NOT make yourself a target.

  • Keep your valuables together...passports, visas, travel documents etc...Keep them in a hotel safe while staying in one location. While in transit, keep these documents in a safe place on your person! Always carry copies of passports, itineraries and travel documents and keep them in a separate place.

  • Choose a very safe bag...cross body bag, security vest or belt. Use RFID wallets and passport holders.

  • Only bring what you need. Leave the rest at home or in your hotel.

  • Know the emergency number for your location.

  • Know how to ask for help in the local language.

  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket and do not carry a backpack on your back in crowded places.

  • NEVER walk alone, especially at night!!!!

  • Act like you know where you are going and try to blend in.

  • Double check your UBER or Lyft driver. Ask them who they are there for. Verify the license plate and picture of your driver!!!

  • Carry small amounts of money and separate cash from your credit cards.

  • Always leave copies of your passport, itinerary and travel documents with a friend or family at home.

  • Make sure your GPS is on for your phone.

  • Trust people but be smart. Would you get in a strangers car in your city? Would you go with a stranger anywhere?

  • Stay in control.

  • Check in regularly with friends and family at home.

  • If you really want to visit a dream destination but are afraid, take a tour!!!! You will be traveling with a group of people with similar interests, with a tour company that knows the area, customs, language and make every effort to ensure you are comfortable.

Please do not allow your fear and uncertainty to prevent you from visiting all your dream destinations. Armed with knowledge, understanding and awareness there will be nothing that stands in your way. You will feel free to travel all over the world with confidence, pride and strength.

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