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After planning and investing thousands of dollars into your much needed vacation, the last thing you want to have happen is to be denied entry or exit because your passport does not meet travel requirements. You must realize that your passport is the most essential part of your international travel journey. If you do not have a valid passport you will be denied entry or be detained in a foreign country. Avoiding a few simple common mistakes will ensure that your travel will be enjoyed without any problems.

Avoid These Common Mistakes:

  • DO check the expiration date! Your passport must be valid for 6-months after your expected return home.

  • DO NOT mutilate, remove pages or write on any pages.

  • DO sign the passport with the full name as it is written on the passport.

  • DO get a new passport if your legal name has changed.

  • DO have your photo taken professionally by someone who knows the rules for passport photos.

  • DO NOT wait too long to apply for your passport. It can take several weeks to receive.

  • DO fill out all forms in their entirety and include all required documentation.

  • DO make sure to have plenty of pages for stamps as your travel.

  • DO make several color copies of your passport. Carry copies with you on your journey and leave one at home.

  • DO keep your passport in a safe place when you are not traveling.

  • DO check if Visa's are necessary for your the destination to which you are traveling.

Avoiding these common mistakes and taking your time to complete the passport application in a timely manner will ensure you have a stress free and seamless travel experience.


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