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Did you know in 2017, Americans had 662-million unused vacation days, with 206-million of those NOT eligible for rollover and were completely lost? Are you one of the millions of Americans that does not use all your vacation time? This is time that can be better spent to create life long memories through shared travel experiences with your partner. What destinations are on your travel bucket list? If you are one of the millions of Americans not using all your earned vacation time, this is the year to make the change and prioritize your Time Together. Your employer has provided you with this benefit, you have earned it and are entitled to use it. Give yourself permission to take the much-needed time off to spend with your loved one!

Here are 10 Tips for Using All Your Vacation Time:

1. Give Yourself Permission

It is more than okay to take this earned benefit from your company. This is a part of your benefit package and necessary for work/life balance.

2. What is the Benefit to You?

More importantly, what is the benefit to your relationship? Ask yourself that question. When was the last time you invested time in your relationship?

3. Eliminate Excuses

I am sure you can conjure up a myriad of excuses of why you can’t take the time off. Eliminate them! Instead, create excuses why you need to take the Time Together! Solve whatever is getting in your way.

4. Get Organized

Use a calendar, what needs to be taken care of? Is it better to go when the kids are in school or is it better to go when they are on break. What is a typical “slow time” at work?

5. Start Early

It is never too late to plan and book a vacation, however, the earlier you start the more time you have to work through any possible hiccups at home and at work.

6. Delegate Your Responsibilities

There are people in your office that can help you while you are away. In return, help them when they are on vacation. Everyone wins!

7. Rely on Co-Workers

Never more important to rely on co-workers than while you are away. Everyone wants to feel at peace and ease while they on are vacation.

8. There is NO Perfect Time

Stop using the excuse “now is just not a good time”!! Make it a good time. Remember: Eliminate all Excuses. Make this a priority.

9. Remember: You Have Earned This

Your employer made paid vacation time a part of your benefits package for a reason. Everybody knows that work/life balance is essential in productivity and happiness with their work.

10. Always Have A Vacation on the Books.

When it is on the books, you will be less likely to let your paid vacation days expire!

With a change in mindset and planning you can create the time needed to spend together! Book your Complimentary Travel Consultation today, and let’s begin to design your perfect Indulgent, Romantic Escape!



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