Congratulations! You have decided it is time to plan the great adventure to Italy (or anywhere in the world you want to go) that you and your partner have always wanted to take! Now what? First step is to contact me (of course) to begin the process of planning and designing the perfect adventure. One of the first things we will discuss is if you would prefer a Self-Guided Tour or the use of a Tour Company. The decision is yours and relies solely on your comfort level and what you want to accomplish during your travel. Here are some comparisons to help you decide.

Tour Companies create detailed itineraries that include hotels, meals, access to sites and transportation. These can be arranged for large groups on buses or private tours with either just you or a smaller group. Tour companies will have specific dates and times for meeting, dining and transporting. You go where the tour takes you and the time frame that is outlined in your itinerary. These times are not negotiable and must be adhered to. The tours cover a lot of ground and are very efficient at seeing a lot of sites. These tours can also be designed to meet your needs; some travelers want to see as much as they can, others take a more leisurely approach and want to see less but spend more time at specific places. The Tour Companies I use are luxury tour operators, you will only stay and dine in 4-5- star accommodations and restaurants. This is a great option for those travelers who are not comfortable traveling overseas and need a detailed itinerary with the comfort on knowing what to expect.

A Self-Guided Tour is a tour we design based on your specific needs and wants. We plan your route, hotels, meals and additional transportation if needed (trains, planes, etc…). With a Self-Guided Tour you can plan your time and day as you go, at your own pace. If there somewhere additional you want to see, you can plan it, or you can drop something that you have decided not to see. Your time is yours. If you plan to spend time in a city, we plan trains to get around, to see the countryside you will want to rent a car. As part of your Self-Guided Tour I will provide you with driving laws and regulations for the part of the world you are traveling. You will fully understand how to navigate the roads, read road signs and obtain your international driver’s license etc… If you decide to take a Self-Guided Tour, I will ensure that you are fully comfortable with the itinerary and all the details of travel. This is a great option for the more adventurous traveler who wants the freedom to blaze a trail.

Which ever way you choose to travel, we will design every detail of your trip to meet, and exceed, all your expectations. All you will have to do is pack your bag and enjoy your Time Together.

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