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Every avid traveler has a Travel Bucket List. Just like any other list, however, it can get overwhelming because of all the items on the list. I have done the research and designed this years Top 5 Destination Bucket List Must Do’s!!! There is a bit of everything on this list and should cover just about every kind of traveler. So, let’s get started on checking off those Bucket List locations in 2018!!!!!!!

1. Botswana

Why? Safari Tourism is very controlled. You will not be competing with other Jeeps as you make your way to see the incredible wildlife. There are luxury tented camps that include private tour guides, drivers, butlers and chefs. This is a must do on anyone’s Bucket List!

2. Bhutan

Why? This destination is for the more adventurous traveler. There are many luxury lodges throughout the area that provide an excellent retreat. Visitors are required by law to have a trained guide throughout your journey. A Bucket List item because it is off the beaten path.

3. Bawah Island, Indonesia

Why? This small island chain has just been discovered and developed into an island resort. This luxury resort and island chain is for the traveler who wants to relax, or for the adventurous. This location has a little bit of everything, including a wellness center. A Bucket List item because none of your friends have been there yet!!

4. Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Why? For incredible views of the Northern Lights. Viewing the Northern Lights from Iceland has never been easier. More flights are added to this remote location very often. Every room has an incredible view, or you can watch the lights from a hot tub. You can arrange for a wake up call for when the lights appear. A Bucket List item because it has never been easier to see the Northern Lights.

5. Fiji

Why? Crystal clear beaches, private islands, villas and more await you. This is luxury at its finest. Where you can find adventure, culture and fine cuisine. The one stop place where you can have it all. A Bucket List item because you will never want to leave.

What other locations are on your Bucket List? Where do you want to go in 2018? Are you ready for the next adventure with your travel companion? How does it feel to go somewhere new and exciting? To learn a new culture? Learn history and see for yourself where history was made? Or, do you just need to take a break and enjoy the quiet? You decide….it’s a new year with new travel possibilities. Let’s start planning your Time Together for 2018!!!!

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